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revolution dance company

Revolution Dance Company is an elite group of talented and hard-working dancers that benefit from exceptional technical training, fantastic choreography and competitive opportunities.

RDC dancers have had extensive training and are held to a high standard of technique and discipline including:

  • Rigorous flexibility and strength expectations

  • Minimum of 7 hours weekly instruction

  • Occasional weekend rehearsals

  • Required fall conventions

  • Required competitions in the spring/early summer (Southeast travel required)

  • Additional performances during our Spring Recital

Company Team Auditions will take place during The Spin - July 30 & 31.


Monday, August 1st 2:00: RDC New Solo Auditions 


Monday, August 1st - RDC Feature & Trio Auditions: 

  • 3:00 Rising 1st-4th grade Feature / Trio Auditions

  • 4:00 Rising 5th -7th grade Feature / Trio Auditions

  • 6:00-9:00 Rising 8th-12th grade Feature / Trio Auditions

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