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about julie

Julie was a Tennessee Vols cheerleader in the late 90s and served as Captain in her senior year. She returned a few years later to coach the UT dance team, leading them to a second-place finish at the UDA Collegiate Dance Nationals.  After five years of rewarding work at Children's Hospital Rehab Center, she opened Revolution Dance.

A note from julie...

Back when I opened The REV, I could never have imagined the path God planned for me! I am so grateful for the support from my wonderful husband, three amazing children, and an incredible staff that make this exciting business possible. 


So much can be learned from the art of dance. I have treasured watching so many children develop wonderful dance and life skills along the way, such as poise, style, humility, teamwork, flexibility, strength, and kindness. What has been most rewarding is to see how God is working in our program to create a special environment for everyone.

The growth of our business is a direct reflection of God's help and our amazing staff. I appreciate all the families that support our program and I can promise you that we all strive to make your child's experience uplifting and rewarding!

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